Staircase Decor

There are lots of reasons why you don’t want your stairs to squeak. It announces to the entire family, for one, when you’re heading down to the kitchen in the dark for a midnight snack. Not to mention the fact that it can be a bit spooky in the dark. So unless you rely on your stairs to let you know about tardy teenagers coming home past their curfew, you probably find the squeaking a constant irritation.

Stone is a perfect constructive and decorative material which has been used in manufacturing and decoration of stairs.

Stone is equaly good for interior and exterior stairs. Stone stairs in different buildings, as well as thousand years ago, are decorated with marble, granite, ophite, onyx and their artificial analogues. Stone stairs are very durable, and they guarantee human safety. Stone stairs look reliably and dignified, and their arrangement and appearance are usually of traditional shape. Prevailing style of stone stairs is classical, baroque, Empire and modern.

Choosing Storne For Starcase

As a rule, stone stairs are a stairway, though in some cases stone stairs can gain surprising and fanciful shapes. Enclosures of stone stairs can be made of stone, forged black iron, bronze, steel or brass, or of combinations of different metals. Beginning of stairs is usually decorated by sculptures or lamps from both sides. Due to unique natural beauty of material, marble stairs become a unique luxurious element of design which emphasizes beauty of your interior.

Marble stairs made of white marble, red marble, black marble, grey marble, pink marble and green marble are the most popular.

Marble stairs can be decorated with geometrical patterns and floristic motifs, and can be also represented in different colour scheme and have different natural inclusions decorating stairs. Marble stairs are not only beautiful, but also very practical, as marble is a very strong material.