Quartz – Ideal For Home Decor

Quartz stone is an ideal option for your home decor. Quartz, also known as Engineered stone, is a man-made product that is primarily used for kitchen countertops and floor tiles, dating back to the late 1980’s. Quartz is the major filler, although many other materials such as shells and mirrors might be added. Quartz consists of 93% quartz by weight and 7% resin.

Quartz has gained great interest due to offering stylish designs mixed with low cost and maintenance. Quartz is less absorbent, more flexible, and harder than many types of natural stones, and hence does not have any hidden cracks or flaws that may exist in natural stones. It is also high resistant to scratching and chipping, and is heat resistant, making Quartz more favourable over natural stones by most customers.

Best Suited Choice

Quartz is the perfect solution for countertop and flooring as it is tremendously hard wearing, making it an aesthetic and a perfect option for any residential or commercial application. This type of stone is an easy care and non-porous engineered stone which is extremely resistant to chips, scratches, heat and stains; It has a low absorption capacity and needs little maintenance and cleaning. There are so many service providers that deal with such types of stones used for different purposes.

Our manufacturing and importation procedures make sure the colours are uniform, with no cracks, pores or veins, and are only of the highest quality. This type of stone is a mix of natural resins and minerals in order to make a breathtaking visual statement. The 93 percent of the major filler is naturally sufficient, quartz and the left 7 percent are a mixture of recycled colored glass, resin, colors, oyster shells and binders, which is capable of improving the exterior characteristics of the stone. Due to all such reasons, this kind of stone is considered as the best suited option for consumers.

Benefits Of Quartz Stone

There are so many benefits consumers can get from Quartz stone due to its stain resistant, strong, hard wearing, hygienic, low maintenance and no porous; just a few of its many characteristics that makes Quartz so popular. We have combined the designs of popular Quartz stone together to help you, the consumer, selet the perfect choice for your kitchen and homes. You can see the different ranges of such stones and many other types of stones for tiles, countertops and benchtops on our website in the form of gallery section.


Quartz material such as ours are typically used in modern kitchens for benchtops, tiling (flooring) and other vanity purposes due to its unique properties.

Quartz are therefore both architect’s and designer’s primary choice for application that is both hygienic and low in maintanence for residential and commercial indoor applications. Quartz is available in slab format which is then fabricated to the customers specific needs by a stone mason.